One of my favorite SEO tools of all time is named after a rodent.

When writing content for your blog, it is important to research keywords, competition, use images….. and a TON of other things that I consistantly forget to do when I get “into the zone”.

That’s why I started using Squirrly.  

Its a simple plugin you can install from within wordpress, and one of the best SEO tools I have found.

Squirrly has features that make it insanely easy for those of us who are not so inclined to write nearly perfect, keyword optimized, Search Engine friendly articles.  The way it works is simple – you choose a keyword in your post, do some research on it (all within your wordpress posts page), and then write your article.  There are white boxes with related tasks in your Squirrly sidebar.  While you are writing your content, the white boxes will change to green as you optimize your content.  Some of the task boxes say things like:  “Use image(s) in content or featured image” and “Content is Google Friendly: more keywords (add 1 more keyword(s) or remove 33 words)”. 

For me, this is insanely helpful.  SEO tools like this are mandatory for my survival as an online blogger.

Speaking of which, I have tried quite a few other SEO content analyzers and I did a ton of research.  I’m not going to diss any of them, but I can honestly say that even after purchasing ones that was supposed to be “easier”, I find myself using Squirrly way more often.  Its interface is quick and navigable.  It does everything I need it to do, quickly and easily.

Squirrly also has some features other SEO tools do not.  Such a built in image finder, the ability to insert a tweet, search and quote a wiki or a blog.  Pretty awesome stuff.  If aren’t using Squirrly as one of your Go To techniques for SEO optimization, you might be missing out.

If you would like more info on how Squirrly can drive traffic to your blog, click here.