WP Clickster has quickly become one of a few wordpress plugins I must have when I build out a site.

For someone who spends hours of time on the internet building websites and tweaking every page from top to bottom, this plugin allows me to do more in less time.

I ran into this plugin just the other day, so I decided I would purchase it and use it so I could give an accurate review.  It was dead simple.  After downloading, I uploaded it to my wordpress plugins area and installed.  In two minutes I had completed what usually takes 15 minutes.  The sample page was deleted, I had a privacy policy, the permalinks were changed to post-name.  It was pretty fantastic for such an inexpensive plugin.  I imagine myself using this on nearly all of my future wordpress sites.

What does it do?

With a few clicks of a button, WP Clickster will install:

  1. Privacy Policy
  2. Terms and Conditions
  3. About Us
  4. Earnings Disclaimer
  5. Contact Us
  6. Amazon Associate Disclosure
  7. DMCA Notice
  8. Medical Disclaimer
  9. Affiliate Disclosure
  10. Anti Spam Policy

You can also Set your Permalinks, create blank pages, install multiple WP plugins, delete all pages or posts, delete comments, and a host of other features.  Please note that while it can install blank pages, all of the named pages (listed above) are actually populated with text.  You can go back after your site is completed and tweak the policies, disclaimers, and notices (and it is recommended that you do so). Check out the demo video to see how this wordpress tool can save you serious amounts of time!


WP Clickster is a very inexpensive tool that is well worth your time if you are constantly building new sites.  There are multiple licensing options, and even a white label option if thats something you can use.  I only review things that I actually use, and this product was well worth the money.  Get yourself a copy by following the link below!

Click to Get WP Clickster